The Perfect Addition to Your Special Event

You have a lot to celebrate! Life is full of surprises, milestones, and other important moments that deserve to be celebrated. Make the moment one to be remembered for your guests.

Whether it’s celebrating a reunion, a graduation, or a promotion, we’ll provide you with a stunning cake or dessert for those joyous occasions.

Cake-worthy occasions

Baby showers
Corporate events
Family reunions

Custom cakes and desserts

Call on Supreme Kakes & More to make sure that your next event makes an excellent impression. Come to us with your ideas, event themes, or favorite flavors or colors and we’ll make a one-of-a-kind cake, a unique collection of cupcakes, or a beautiful dessert.

Call us and ask for your favorite Coffee & Tea.

With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you´re sure to get a beautiful, elegant, delicious and fresh cake for your event.

Cake requests must be made 15 days before your event.


Chun mee
Green jasmine
Oolong green dragon
Black from Nepal
Oolong from China
Kee mun
Early grey
Apricon brandy

Organic coffee

Caramel latte
Mocha latte
White chocolate latte
Hot cocoa
Hazelnut latte
Organic Mexican chiapa
Organic Papau New Guinea
Organic Colombia blend
Organic espresso blend
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