About Our Business

At Supreme Kakes & More, we put our heart and soul into every delicious creation. Our designs are unique, our flavors are delicious. We are motivated by constant improvement; we are continuously challenging ourselves to make each cake better than the last so that every cake is amazing, fabulous, and beautiful. Most importantly, we want our cakes to taste good, supremely good.

We are a team that loves a challenge. Our inspiration comes from everywhere:
architecture, landscapes, science, music, furniture, and you of course! Each cake is individually designed with your personality and desires in mind, along with the theme of the occasion you are celebrating.

We only have two golden rules at Supreme Kakes: whatever we do, we must enjoy
ourselves and surpass our previous work! Supreme Kakes is a very relaxed, creative environment, and our demeanor is relaxed but professional – and that spirit is reflected in every cake we bake.

Our cakes are all individually baked to order, and every cake is always fresh, never frozen.

We have over 20 flavors for you to choose from, and are experimenting with new ones all the time – if you don’t see it on our list, don’t be afraid to ask, because we can probably make it.

With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you´re sure to get a beautiful, elegant, delicious and fresh cake for your event.

Cake requests must be made 15 days before your event.

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